Eyes In The Sky; 5 Benefits of Flying Privately

Flying is an experience like no other. It can be fun traveling to new destinations, trying out new food, seeing new places, and feeling more connected to the world than ever

before. With flying, comes a lot of ups and downs both literally and figuratively. While the anticipation of excitement begins with a booked travel ticket, this feeling can start to dissipate as the reality of traveling starts to take shape. Long waiting lines, increased

security measures, and small crowded spaces can dampen the flame of excitement,

making it a much more uncomfortable experience. In contrast, flying private makes a

world of difference. Those that can fly private should and in this post we will discover the amazing benefits that customers in this class of travel thoroughly enjoy.

1. Saves Time

The expression “time is money” is a key reminder of how precious our time is. Private

fliers spend less time waiting at the airport and more time being in the air. Typically,

you can arrive with just a 15-minute notice before your scheduled departure time which

means the check in and boarding process only takes a few minutes. Private fliers will

depart from a Fixed Base of Operation or FBO which cuts out all the clutter that comes

with commercial terminals such as long security lines. The plane waits on the passenger

so there is no rush required trying to catch the flight before take-off. Additionally,

private fliers are able to fly on their own time and schedule, at a convenience for them

and their business. Scheduled flights can be chartered in just a few hours giving a flier

the utmost advantage in shaping their plans to fit their needs. Compared to the

average time commercial fliers spend at the airport (90 minutes for domestic flights

and up to 3 hours for international flights), private customers can use their time much

more efficiently to tender to what’s important: getting to their destinations as quickly

as possible.

2. Increased safety

Safety aboard any aircraft is always the number one

priority for both passengers and crew members.

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly across the globe,

the airline industry has had to quickly adapt to

ensure precautionary measures are taken to reduce

the chance of infection. Private fliers already enjoy

added safety measures that commercial fliers do

not. Passengers on private planes are far and few

between as the number of people entering private

terminals is far lower than those at commercial ones.

This means interactions between personnel and

travellers are significantly reduced. According to

GlobeAir AG, a leading European light jet operator,

commercial fliers encounter 700 touchpoints on every flight whereas private fliers only

encounter 20 touch points. When there are less touchpoints, travellers are able to

properly social distance and reduce their chances of contracting COVID-19.

3. Arrive closer to your destination

Time flies when you’re having fun and this means you don’t want to downgrade your luxury travel experience by having to get off the plane and wait for another flight or use a rental car service to reach your final destination. Private fliers have the convenience of

using smaller less crowded airports that are closer to where they need to land. Conventional commercial airports only land at major international hubs, leaving out any possibility of landing at remote islands or exotic destinations. Private airports are all about efficiency and maximizing the value of convenience for their passengers. Additionally, it means faster air travel as less time is spent taxiing on the runway or waiting to land.

4. Personalised service

Luxury and comfort are specifically tailored to each individual passenger’s needs.

From gourmet meals, plush seats, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, en-suite showers, bedrooms and the latest inflight entertainment systems, the sky's the limit. The crew can stock whatever amenities you need to make your flight much more enjoyable such as your favourite snacks, drinks, or electronic devices. The interior of the plane can be decorated for special occasions whether that's anniversaries, birthdays, business events, or whenever you want to change things up. During the flight, the crew members are there for you to ensure your needs are met

with the utmost care and professionalism. Before arrival,

on-board crew members can call ground transportation ahead of time so passengers don’t have to wait to be transported from the tarmac to the airport when landing. These actions help passengers quickly get to their luggage and final destination.

5. Privacy

As a private flier, you invite who you want on the flight with you meaning no more unruly passengers. You have the freedom to talk openly about anything confidential

with your friends, family and colleagues without worrying about that noisy neighbour peeking over your shoulder. Additionally, with privacy comes more free space to roam

around, change seats, stretch your legs out, etc. It’s the ultimate way to relax and enjoy your flight with less noise, less people, and less complications.


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Dominique Anderson