LUXTAG is a luxury concierge company with a sophisticated conscious at its core. We are based in the heart of London and Paris and specialise in every aspect of lifestyle management. We provide luxury travel planning, private aviation, chartered yachts, chauffeured vehicles, gastronomic experiences, access to exclusive venues and events and your daily lifestyle necessities. Nothing is too much trouble and possibilities are limitless with our dedicated team of passionate lifestyle managers who work around the clock 365 days a year to fulfill your personalized needs. Our focus is to gift you with time, tailored recommendations, bespoke opportunities and unparalleled unique experiences


Do you crave more time to see the world, more time with loved ones and luxury? We take care of everything from how you arrive at your destination, sourcing only the most luxurious means preferred by the elite, to the most tailor-made memorable experiences in the most prestigious hotels and private villas around the globe. LUXTAG can arrange private aviation, yacht charter, private luxury transfers and accommodation in the most prestigious locations offering 5 star hospitality with the added benefit of preferential room rates and complimentary upgrades for members 


Whether it’s the most in-demand restaurant or the latest Michelin starred restaurant you require, our experienced lifestyle managers who radiate passion for gastronomy and inside knowledge of the industry will source out exactly what you desire from our approved long-standing contacts


The latest trends and exclusive pieces delivered to your door. Your personal lifestyle manager will fulfill any request. Whether that be finding the perfect romantic gift or finding a show stopping outfit for an exclusive event. With the festive period just around the corner LUXTAG can recommend, source and deliver the perfect gifts for your loved ones 


The possibilities are ample where daily lifestyle management is concerned. No request is too big. We can provide private chefs, provide you with accredited personal trainers, highly skilled makeup artists and run daily errands. We appreciate that due to current COVID 19 restrictions, demands for some services have heightened that we can support. Please do get in touch and one of our knowledgeable lifestyle managers will be on hand to offer specialists advice 24/7 


Your physical and mental health should be a priority during a global pandemic and should be of the highest importance to your well being. Wellbeing is defined as “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.” LUXTAG cares about you and is here for you. 

If your fitness and wellbeing have taken a back seat navigating through turbulent times, then LUXTAG can support with the best and most luxurious fitness and well-being retreats the world has to offer. From spas, fitness camps, mindfulness sanctuaries and wellness clinics, LUXTAG can provide you with the most impactful resources the industry has to offer 


  • Highly personalised service 

  • 24/7 point of contact 

  • Insider knowledge with years of experience 

  • Trusted partners 

  • Best rate Guarantee

  • Preferential room rates 

  • Complimentary upgrades 

  • A dynamic range of luxury hotel partners across the world with a universal appeal 

  • Tailored membership scheme

  • Access to exclusive events and venues 

  • Flexibility 

  • A sustainable core that protects the planet and resources 

Email info@luxtag.co.uk if you have any questions or queries 

LUXTAG has partnered with PrivateFly who have access to a fleet of 7,000+ private charter aircraft and offers private jet charter between any global airports. As an Argus certified broker, we work to the highest industry standards of safety and best practise. The security of our clients is absolutely paramount- you couldn’t be in safer hands. Contact LUXTAG and one of our lifestyle managers will be happy to give you a personalised quote at the best rate possible